Call for Product Demonstrations

NASECA Wisconsin will host a product demonstration on September 21 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. This event will be at the American Excelsior Company’s Erosion Lab and will provide an opportunity for program attendees to see firsthand how running water affects stormwater and erosion control products.

We invite manufacturers to demonstrate their products that are either listed on the WisDOT Product Acceptability List (PAL) or new/innovative products (not on the PAL) in an effort to help keep our attendees up-to-date on the latest in new technology.

These products will not be subjected directly to running water; rather, we plan to run water in a channel commensurate to the shear forces associated with the various categories in the PAL, thereby helping our attendees better understand which products to use for their site conditions.

We anticipate the demonstration of approximately 20 products and intend to emphasize the proper, manufacturer-recommended installation techniques, so your assistance in this demonstration is important.  Since we continually see products improperly installed, and then failing, we want our attendees to learn firsthand from the manufacturers how their products are to be installed.  This will be accomplished through demonstration and a short, manufacturer-lead discussion.

If you would like to demonstrate at this NASECA event, please get back to us promptly and indicate the name and a 50-word description of the product/products you propose to demonstrate, your company logo for web/print materials, and your company contact information.  Email Peggy Hoffmann at or call 608-620-5258.  You may register separately as a sponsor or attendee online at