The purpose of the Project Committee is to identify and resolve public problems in which implementing erosion control and stormwater management practices is the solution. The Project Committee is made up of individuals from among different employer types in the erosion control and stormwater industry in order to effectively:

  • identify a problem;
  • develop a plan
  • partner with various included groups, consultants, manufacturers, and others as needed to solve the problem;
  • obtain funding;
  • provide post-project reports and analysis.

Project Committee Members:
Wendy Braun, Chair, WisDOT
Maureen McBroom, C0-Chair, Ruekert & Mielke, Inc
Pat Dixon, Dixon Shoreline/Landscaping
Paul McGinley, UW-Stevens Point/UW-Extension
Mike Nelson, American Excelsior Company
Peter Tonn, Silt Sock